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[agni_heading heading=”Jay Pharoah”]

Jay Pharoah will never not be one of my favorite people and interviews. Whether on the Saturday Night Live stage or any improv across the globe, Jay is sure to make you laugh. When sitting down with me he impersonated Eddie Murphy, Katt Williams, Will Smith Jay Z and more plus he even freestyled!



[agni_heading heading=”Sound Surfers Stories featuring Flume”]

Do you ever wonder what music inspired an artist to create their sound? Do you wonder what album helped shaped that artist? Currently, on a SOLD OUT world tour for his latest album, Skin, Flume stopped by our iHeartRadio studios in Phoenix to talk with myself and the Sound Surfers. As much as I enjoy in front of camera work, creating the graphics and animations is also fun!



[agni_heading heading=”Marlon Wayans”]

Funnyman Marlon Wayans weighs in on longevity and milestones in his successful career thus far. Plus, he also talks about the possibility of a White Chicks sequel!



[agni_heading heading=”Charli XCX”]

Charli XCX talks about what really happens ‘After The After Party’, her inspiration behind making music, and her advice for throwing the perfect house party!

[agni_heading heading=”Vince Staples”]

Vince Staples is a name you should be familiar with. I caught up with Vince backstage during his tour stop at Phoenix’s Monarch Theatre. Vince shared details his upcoming project, making money for his family and why he doesn’t smoke or drink.



[agni_heading heading=”Sound Surfers Stories featuring Rich Berra”]

Genuine-human-connection is what keeps Rich Berra in radio. He talks about his tenured career and continuing to impress his 15-year-old self by staying true to connecting with people!



[agni_heading heading=”Sound Surfer Stories featuring Aluna George”]

AlunaGeorge is on tour with Sia and on repeat for the Sound Surfers!